Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#34- Found by Karen Kingsbury

(368 pgs) This is #3 in the Firstborn series that I have really been enjoying. Since I've taken to posting reviews from the authors own website since mine all sound the same or give away plot details, here is what her site says about Found :

A Desperate Search
Driven by his wife’s dying wish—to find their firstborn son—John Baxter sets about the search of a lifetime. His prayer? That Elizabeth’s wish would be fulfilled before the upcoming Baxter family reunion. One strange turn follows another, but John confides in a new friend and continues to look for his son. When the answers finally come, they shake John to his core. Will he agree to walk away and keep the secret of a lifetime, or will he decide it’s time to let the truth come to light—no matter the cost?
A Tragic Loss
Dayne Matthews is questioning his adoptive parents’ faith when he receives crushing news. He was ready to take on the responsibility of having a family, but now the future is drastically altered and Dayne is desperate for answers. Wisdom and comfort come from visits with a long-lost friend and then with Katy Hart, the girl Dayne can’t seem to forget. But will Dayne find the strength he needs to face a future laced with loss, and will that strength lead him to the greatest love of all?
A Terrible Storm
As the Baxters come together, the reunion is overshadowed by a miracle in their midst. But just as quickly, tragedy comes to Bloomington. Ashley is eight months pregnant and in the early stages of labor when a tornado rips through the community, leaving one family missing and destroying homes throughout the area. What will Dayne Matthews do when he hears about the storm? Will he finally find peace in a God he has been running from all his life?

A story of God’s divine leading and the truth that God rewards those who seek Him with all their heart."

I was up until 12:15 last night to finish this one...and would have started #4 if I didn't have to work today! But I've started it now.....stay tuned!

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