Sunday, March 20, 2011

#33-Forgiven by Karen Kingsbury

(384 pages) As Karen's website says: "Dayne Matthews is at the top of the Hollywood list, working on what may be his best movie yet. Still, he is empty and unfocused, aching for real love and the family he'll never know. Then a friend tells him about a teaching center and a way to become like God."

I love that Karen's books contain joys and sorrows of real people and how they realistically deal with them. Though most story lines end up with a "happily ever after feel" the characters do endure tragedy and she portrays those struggles realistically in my opinion. LIfe is not a bowl of cherries for the Baxters or their extended families, and I appreciate that. I don't have Found yet, # 3 in the Firstborn series, but I'm going to get it ASAP!

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