Monday, March 14, 2011

#28-Remember by Karen Kingsbury

(391 pgs) Number 2 in the Redemption Series with Gary Smalley and another fabulous book. I love how real the characters are..the Baxters are a great family who turn to the Lord in the good and the bad. The kids aren't perfect and they make bad decisions, but through the prayers of their faithful parents and siblings, they find God again. I love how God is so faithful to never leave them, even when they try to leave him. This one is mostly about Ashley, Cole and Landon but also the other Baxters...Kari and Ryan and Jessie; Luke and his new girlfriend Reagan, and also covers September 11 and the attacks on our nation. A great book, of course. I'm really glad mom suggested I try some of Karen Kingsbury's novels!

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