Sunday, January 23, 2011

#14-Heist Society by Ally Carter

(287 pgs) This is another title on the Lone Star List for '11-'12. I haven't read any other titles by Ally Carter but I know she is a popular author. This was an interesting read and one I enjoyed...once I started it I finished it the same day. Not that I couldn't put it down...but I did get into the story. I like Katarina and the people in her life are certainly interesting characters. Parts of the story did seem a little unrealistic to me (15 year old flying to Paris on her own?) but what do I know of the habits of millionaires? Seemed more like a 'girl' book to me, but probably enough action and suspense to entertain boys, if they can get past the cover! I just saw on her website that there will be a Heist Society 2 out on June 21, 2011 called Uncommon Criminals. Heist Society

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