Saturday, February 5, 2011

#19-Texas Charm by DiAnn Mills

(478 pgs) This was yet another book Mom passed on from the $.99 sale rack at Mardel. Again, really 4 novels in one - this time all set in Texas. The first is about a widow named Paula (hmmmm-sounds familiar) who wants to open the bed and breakfast she and her late husband always dreamed of owning. She hires Rick Davenport, who happens to be a widower and you can see where this is going. The second is about Paula's adult daughter Kristi and the man who buys Rick's ranch, Jack Frazier. Jack has a past and is afraid Kristi won't accept him if she knows the truth. The third is about Cassidy - Jack's niece and the boutique she opens in town. She meets Carlos who is in charge of Jack's stables and she tries to decide if his plans for the future can include her considering her past. The last novel is about Rachel and her lawyer Adam as they try to fight her parents for custody of her 3 children...while Adam adjusts to having his nephew full time as well. They are all good Christian love stories and though the characters face trials, they remain faithful to God and trust His plans for their lives. And, they all live happily ever after.....not realistic but still good reads.

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