Thursday, February 3, 2011

#18-Colorado Wings by Tracie Peterson

(478 pgs) This is one book but contains 3 short novels and 1 novella (the way the cover describes them). I was ready for a book that wasn't from my middle school library, and this was another Mardel find. All of the stories are linked by the characters so it was a fun read. Of course, each story has its set of problems for the characters to overcome, and surprise surprise, they overcome them and all live happily ever after. Fun to read sometimes, especially when your own happily ever after seems to have disappeared. In the first story CJ meets Brad as he tries to help her deal with the plane crash that killed her parents and seriously injured her. In the second story, CJ's brother Curt meets Christy and helps clear her from the DEA's drug investigation that her business has gotten involved in without her knowledge. In the third story, Erik helps Cheryl recover from her father's suicide and her fiance's double life and subsequent death. The final novella involves Debbie (Curt's DEA partner) and Nathan protecting her as the man that killed her husband Frank has escaped from prison. All nice, feel good stories that involve faith and God's word. Certianly worth the $.99 paid for it!

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