Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#45 -Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

(336 pgs) This is another title from the Lone Star list for next year, and another great book by Shusterman. I like this review from Booklist:
"Is it possible to experience joy if you don't experience pain? Is absorbing someone's pain a gift or a curse? Shusterman explores these central questions in the thought-provoking new book. Sixteen year old Tennyson fumes when he learns his twin sister Bronte, is dating Bruiser, they guy voted Most Likely to go to Jail, but Bronte insists Bruiser is misunderstoon. Tennyson is eventually won over and befreinds Bruiser, and that's when the twins notice something odd. Their cuts and bruises disappear overnight while Bruiser is a mass of new hurts; somehow he takes on the pain, both physical and emotional, of the people he cares for. Teh story is narrated by Tennyson, Bronte and Cody, Bruiser's brother, in prose and by Bruiser in free verse, and the individual voices are nicely distinct. It is Tennyson, though who stands out as he evolves from self-centered bully to caring young man and ponders big questions about friendship and sacrifice. A culminating crisis is a bit convenient, but the compelling issues and engaging premise make this a rewarding read."
I couldn't have said it better myself! Again, one I look forward to promoting!

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