Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#44 Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

(368 pgs) This was a compelling read from the moment I picked it up. I was reading our digital library version...and since its all about computers and technology it was a weird feeling. He states in the introduction that he is hacking into your computer while you are reading about him...and it's all so realistic you can believe it's actually happening! Sam is a computer 'genius' and has the abilities to do things most of us couldn't imagine. While a lot of the terms used in the book were either made up (I'm hoping) or over my head completely, it is still possible to follow the story. Sam penetrates the most secure computer system in order to purchase himself a 'neuro-headset' which takes the place of a keyboard and a mouse for computers of the future. In the process, Sam is busted and sent to prison for his hacking...or is that just what his mother is lead to believe? Is Sam working for the government? Are the neuro-headsets safe? Is Sam a good guy or a bad guy? I'm not telling! Read will be glad you did. I look forward to booktalking this one for kids next year!

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